Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Fun

Ok so I am a little behind on blogging.  So I am going to attempt to get caught up.  We have had a lot going on.  The weekend of the 16-17th we went to the pumpkin patch with my two very best friends, my sister and all the kids.  I can't even tell you how much fun it was to spend time with my favorite people and their families.  We do not do it enough.  The kids had a lot of fun and I took a ton of pictures, beware there are a lot and I even edited out some I took somewhere in the range of 250 photos.  There were so many things to do.  The twins have been wearing their sun glasses a lot and wore them the entire day.  I thought it was cute.  Anyway we started by the animals, the twins really liked the goats, they picked corn up off the ground to feed them and thought that was the funnest thing ever.
After the animals we headed over to this huge bouncy thing, it looked like a huge parachute that was blown up.  It was really pretty cool and of course all the kids loved it.
After the bounce place I tried to get a picture of the twins sitting on the big rocking chair but they both started to cry when we put them on there.  Theresa's little girl sat there though and I got an adorable picture of her.
Next we went over to the cow train.  I thought the twins would really like it but the second we put Jayse in his cow he started crying.  Jaelee was ok until they pulled away from us and then I could see her crying.  All the other kids seemed to like it.
 Next up was the slide.  It was not your typical slide, it had tubes that rolled as you went down it.  My sister helped Jayse up to the slide and as the twins went to go down it they didn't get very far because their feet kept stopping them on the tubes.  So Brandi decided to just go down with them.  It was very funny to watch.
Right next to the slide was a box of corn.  Basically like a sand pit but with corn.  I think this was Jayse's favorite place of the day.  He could of played in there all day.
After we peeled Jayse away from the corn box kicking and screaming we went to wait for the tractor & trailer for the hay rides.  While we waited I took a few pictures of the families, I didn't take many pictures on the actual hay ride it was to hard to balance the camera and kids.
When we were done with the hay ride we decided it was time to go pick out our pumpkins.  We waited til we could get a wagon for the pumpkins and then we headed out to find the perfect ones.  We found the pumpkins we wanted pretty quickly and went to get them weighed and paid.  After all the excitement from the day we were all pretty starving so we went to lunch.
Jayse must of had a lot of fun because on our way home after lunch he feel asleep before we even got home.
While the twins were napping Amy, Kyle, Emma and I went and took some pictures.  Emma was a great assistant photographer and we got some beautiful pictures of Amy & Kyle (those to come in another post) After the twins napped we carved pumpkins and made sugar cookies.
We packed a lot of stuff into one day but it was totally worth it and a lot of fun!

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