Thursday, May 3, 2012

Easter in Melba

For Easter weekend we went out to my Aunts in Melba for our annual Easter egg hunt.  Before we went out there I put Jaelee's hair in sponge curlers to give her some curl.  While we were waiting to leave she was playing outside pushing her doll and other toys in her carriage with her curlers still in.  She looked so cute and we even had a neighbor stop and say it was the cutest thing they had ever seen.
 We put bungee cords on the doll carriage and she pulled it around with the daddy jeep.
In the afternoon we headed out to Melba for the Easter egg hunt and dinner.  The kids have a lot of fun playing with all the other kids and finding lots of eggs.  This year again Jaelee was a superb egg finder and I think was one of the first ones to find all 28 of her eggs.
 It is so easy to get her to post and look at my camera these days. She even comes up with the poses on her own.  So cute.

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