Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tons of Fun for Easter

*Warning tons of pictures ahead.

On Easter Sunday Jaelee got up and dressed herself in her princess dress again, she loves that dress.  Then she made herself a picnic on the living room floor with her favorite blanket and some of her plastic food and dishes.  It was really cute to watch her sit on the floor and play - not sure what the mater in the jar with water is about though.
Once we all got up and moving we went outside, the kids played with their new gloves & mits and Greg worked on painting our pop-up camper.
Then we did an Easter egg hunt in our yard.  We had so many eggs they were literally everywhere.  Jaelee filled up her basket pretty quickly.
After egg hunting we went to Eagle Island along the river and went for a walk and found a spot where the kids could fish and Bo could play and fetch.  It was so cute watching them cast their poles in the water.  They looked so big!  Jaelee got her plastic fish snagged on something and lost it.  Dad came to the rescue, went into the freezing river water and got it back. 
When we got back home we colored eggs and then peeled them to make potato salad.  Jaelee helped peel them again this year and she did a great job!

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