Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Home with the rain and twins

I started to feel like the rain was following me. It was raining before I left for Florida and then it rained while I was in Florida, while it was almost a record 90 degrees back home. Then the day I got back home it was raining and sunny and warm in Florida. I arrived back home at 11 in the morning so I picked the kids up from daycare so we could hang out. They seemed pretty excited to see me. We went home and I showed them some of the things I had got for them. One, luckily was a cheap rain slicker. We had to go outside and play in them for a little bit but then the sun came out. The sun was perfect for the t-shirts I got for them. They are just an outline of a cartoon in the shade and when in the sun they fill with color. I have to say they are pretty cool. Here are some pictures of the twins trying both out.

 In the house no color, in the sun colored.
 The color is starting to fade as we go inside.

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