Monday, December 22, 2008

Little Red Rocking Chair

My mom saved my red rocking chair from when I was a toddler. Now seeing my twins sit in it is wonderful. It's so exciting to see them enjoying the red rocking chair. They look so grown up sitting in it.

Jaelee in my red rocking chair. She is almost 7 months old here. She loves to babble it seems like she finds something new to say everyday. She just recently changed from saying mamamama to dadadada. I'll admit I was a little sad. But I'm sticking with her first word being Mom.

Jayse in my red rocking chair. He is so fun. He loves to smile with such a big beautiful smile. Jayse loves to roll around the floor. He is rolling everywhere! He really loves to roll up next to the tv and try and get the cords! Next is crawling. Yikes.

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