Thursday, June 3, 2010

Camping Memorial Day Weekend

We decided to go camping for memorial day weekend with my sister, Ryan, Jamar and my brothers.  We had to wait for Greg to get off of work on Saturday and then we all headed out.  We found a great camping spot near the lake.  After things were set up and we had a fire going the guys decided we needed more fire wood and found this huge log up the bank.  They decided to go get it and try rolling it down towards our camping grounds.  They got it to roll a little ways and decided that was too much work so they hooked it up to Ryan's truck and drug it back to our camp grounds.
The twins had a rough first night. We got them to bed pretty easy but something - ah hm - Greg, woke them up and I spent most of the night trying to get them back to sleep. I did have breaks when they were just in the trailer watching cars and I managed to play a few rounds of rummikub.  Finally at about 2 am they started to fall back asleep and the rest of the night was great, we stayed nice and warm under all our blankets. The next morning Greg and Jayse got up pretty early and Jaelee and I slept in. When we got up it was pretty nice outside. Before we could even change the twins out of their jammies they were in the water. We spent the day relaxing, playing in the water, playing bad mitten, ring toss, and the girls and twins napped while the guys went out and got more wood.  We had a great dinner with corn on the cob, steak, lamp chops, potatoes and vegetables mmmm.  The twins went to bed really easy and the rest of us stayed up and enjoyed our huge fire.  It was raining when we woke up the next morning so we made breakfast really fast and packed up and headed home.  It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to go camping again.

We all got a little bit of a sun burn.

See that dot out there in the middle, that was the huge log they rolled down the bank and we used in our fire the whole time and still didn't burn it all.  Isn't this a great camping spot?  We liked it.  I hope everyone enjoyed their memorial day weekends as much as we did.

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