Monday, June 21, 2010

Family Reunion

My annual family reunion was last weekend. Our family got together at the barn and we had a lot of fun. This years theme was County Fair. There were games for the kids, chili eating contest, hula hoop contest, a program of singing and dancing and lots of food and fun.

Greg the BBQ master cooked dinner Friday night.
After dinner was the hula hoop contest.

And the winner was Shayla and in second place was Hunter.

Saturday we had a chili cook off.  The three judges were Holden, Troy & Dakota.
And the winners are......
After lunch the kids played games and I did face painting.  Once all the faces & hands were painted I took a few photos of anyone who was willing.  I wanted it to be like a photo booth and get some goofy pics.  Here are some of my favorites.
It was so cute when Colby came to get his face painted he sat down and said I know exactly what I want and didn't even look through the book, I said ok what do you want and he said a mustache!  So that's what he got, I must say he looks rather handsome.
Jaelee was trying to walk the dog and she didn't really want to be walked so my Aunt hooked the leash onto my grandmas sweater and Jaelee walked her around.  This is just too cute!
We had a great time and as usual it is great to see everyone!

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