Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday J&J!

It is so hard to believe that the twins are all ready 2!  We have enjoyed them so much and the time is going by way too fast.  It seems crazy but I feel like I can't take enough pictures of them because they change and grow so quickly.  It has been amazing over the last year to watch them learn how to walk, talk, jump, run, open the refrigerator, eat all by themselves and best of all learn to take directions.  They've also had a lot of firsts, first dog - Bo, first camping trips, first walking on the beach, first golf trip, first favorite character - Spongebob, first favorite movie - Cars, first broken bone, first favorite toys - steering wheels, first hair cuts, first toenail painting, first jumping in puddles, and first snow tubing adventures.  What a great year. 

We started their birthday celebration on their birthday by putting together a water table Greg & I got them for their birthday.  They love to play in water, I can put them outside with a bowl and water and they will play for hours.  We didn't do much else because we had a party planned for them the next day.

The twins party theme was A Spongebob Luau.  I had hoped the weather would be warm enough to have it outside.  I had everything planned around it.  The party gifts were buckets & shovels with squirt guns and water balls in them, we had planned to BBQ, and the activities were all water related.  But of course the day of the party it was raining.  Holden helped me decorate the inside of our house and Greg BBQ'd in the garage, so it all worked out anyway.  The party was a lot of fun.  My family came and it is always fun when we get to hang out with them.  We had a Jello eating contest where we all sucked jello through a straw - and Brandi won!  The twins got a lot of great gifts and clothes.  Thank you to everyone for coming and helping us celebrate the twins turning 2!

I love this picture of Nyah!

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