Thursday, December 2, 2010

Family Photos

A couple of weeks ago I got the family geared up to take our family photos. We went down by the river where there were lots of leaves. The twins fell asleep on the way there so Greg got out with Bo to play fetch in the river while the twins slept. When I had all my equipment set up I woke the twins up and we set out to take pictures. It actually worked in my favor that they were still a little groggy because then the weren't running around like wild children. Bo missed out being in the pictures this year because he was all wet but we got a few great family photos with out him. When the twins started to wake up they loved playing in the leaves, throwing rocks in the river and running around. It was really cold outside so we didn't stay out too long. Anywho, here are this years photos, the plaid family....

Oh and by the way Christmas cards went out in the mail today.  Woo hoo for me I am on top of it!


  1. they are beautiful! What a wonderful family you have! And someday I seriously want you to take my families pictures...I think there is a good chance you could make us look good :)

  2. What a fun idea with the plaid. I love the background with all of the trees, so beautiful .

  3. Thank you guys. Angela you have an adorable family and I would love to take some pictures.