Monday, December 13, 2010


We had a great Thanksgiving. Greg's brother Darin and his family were able to share Thanksgiving with us, my sister and her friend.  We had a great day hanging out with them and the twins had a lot of fun playing with the kids. 
After we ate we decided to go to the Botanical Gardens and see all the lights. Before we went the twins were in their play room watching a movie and Greg and I went to go get them to put their coats on and we saw Jayse had fallen asleep in his chair. Then we looked for Jaelee and saw she had fallen asleep on the floor behind her little couch. They had so much fun playing it wore them out.
We woke up the twins and got them ready and headed downtown.  The lights were pretty cool and I think all the kids had fun but I have to say when we saw lights at a park like this in Oregon 2 years ago for Thanksgiving, Oregon's were better. They had moving lights that had frogs leaping on lilli pads and dolphins diving into water.  Again, it was still pretty cool to see all the lights. 
Thank you to Darin, Jess and family for a great Thanksgiving!

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