Monday, December 13, 2010


I am always taking pictures of something the twins are doing and not all of it is super exciting and doesn't deserve it's own post so I thought I'd put them together and do a super random post: 

This is the bumbo we used when Jaelee was little, we use it now when Jayden is here.  She still loves to sit in it.  The tray barely fits on there with her but she still wants it on.
Jaelee then:
Jaelee now:
The day we took our family pictures I curled Jaelees hair into little ringlets.  In the time it took me to even get my camera to get a picture of her hair it was all ready going flat.  Poor girl she's going to need a lot of hairspray if she ever wants curly hair, just like her mom.  If you'll notice her hair ended up in a pony tail for the pictures.
Several weeks ago I was working on our Christmas cards and Greg was watching tv, the twins were in their play room watching a movie or so we thought.  It had been really quiet so I told Greg he should probably go check on them.  He said no they're fine so I went back to my cards and he went back to tv.  A half hour goes by and I figured I better check on them.  I go into the room and find that they had emptied their bean bag chair all over the floor and they were pushing the beans around with the heads of their hobby horses.  There were beans everywhere.  I probably should of been mad but all I could do was laugh.  It was definitely not fun to clean up but I still find it humerus.  The bean bag is now gone.
The twins being silly and playing with laundry baskets:
We had a pretty big snow storm a couple of weeks ago.  One of the largest single snow falls in the last 10 years.  I couldn't let all that snow go without playing in it.  Unfortunately we had to wait until I got off work and by that time it is dark but we still had some fun.  My brother was at our house because schools had been closed and he made a nice little snow man.  The twins loved throwing the snow and Jaelee of course loved eating it.
The twins love to color and draw.  One night I was cleaning the house and I wanted to keep them occupied.  I gave each of them a pen and some paper and started to clean.  I checked on them every so often and they were just coloring on their paper.  Then after a little while Jayse comes over to me covered in pen.  I again should of been mad but I thought it was so funny.  Jaelee saw my reaction and wanted pen all over her, so being the awesome parent I am I gave her the pen and encouraged her to draw all of her body.  Afterwards they went straight into the bath and the pen came off super easy.  Here is their art work:
I had to go to the store and Jaelee wanted to come with but first she had to have a hat on, sunglasses on, and a purse.
And lastly Jayse loves his little cousin Jayden.  Jayse was in his chair getting ready to watch a movie.  I needed to put Jayden down to put the movie in so I asked Jayse if Jayden could sit next to him and he said yes.  When I went to move Jayden Jayse had a fit and wanted Jayden to stay by him so I left him there and had to grab a few photos.
Had to get Jaelee in one too.
My sister found a shirt exactly like one Jayse had so we had to get a photo of them matching:
If you stuck in there this long, thank you.  That was a lot of stuff.

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