Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Nephew Jayden's Party

Wow where has June gone? We have been so busy all ready and summer is just getting started. On June 11th we celebrated Jayden's first birthday! My sister who claims to not be creative at all came up with such a cute party for him. His theme was monsters and she even took the time to buy felt, cut out monster shapes and hot glue them together for the party favors. They turned out so cute. She made these "monster" rice meat balls from a recipe our mom gave us and they were a perfect lunch for her monster theme. She even took the time to print off monster tags, cut them out and tape them to tooth picks for the cupcakes and other decor. She also found this recipe for rice crispie treats only you crushed up oreos instead of rice crispies, it was soooo good. I was so proud of her and her very creative party.

Before the party got started we were able to meet and go to lunch with Greg's sister and her family while they were traveling to Oregon. It was my first time meeting them and I was so glad to finally meet Sharlee and her family. I felt like I had meet them before because she has a great blog and I love reading it and keeping up with her and her family in Georgia. We got to spend some more time with them when we went to Oregon but more on that later.

Jayden's party was fun and I can't believe he is one all ready. Love you Jayden!


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