Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Car Races

After Jayden's birthday party we were able to go to the Meridian Speedway.  Greg's work gave us 4 free tickets and we always love to go because Jayse is such a huge fan of cars.

It was pretty cold and a little rainy out on the night of the races but we didn't care.  My sister and Jamar were able to come with us and they got cold half way through and headed home.  We stuck it out because at the end of the races you get to go to the car pits and Jayse loves seeing the cars up close.  We were lucky that on the night we were there a guy I work with happened to be racing.  It was fun to watch him and after the races he let Jaelee and Jayse sit in his car.  They loved it!

 Jaelee didn't like the noise at first but them she got used to it.
The races were pretty fun.  We got to see some pretty big wrecks which to me is the best part, the other best part is people watching LOL. 
Jaelee took the two photos below.  Great job Jaelers
We had to get some family photo action in.
 Silly faces have been making a big appearance around here lately.

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