Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Their 3rd Birthday Party

The IT guy at work was able to recover most of my hard drive but I am still missing some photos. However, he got most everything that I wanted. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Greg!  Anyway I am now able to blog about their party because I have pictures.

Greg and my sister were giving me crap about how I was going over board but I don't think I did. Party planning is fun especially when it's for my kids. The theme for their party was a Summer Fun BBQ. I found these awesome recipes for home made slime, silly putty & play dough.  They were so fun to make and super easy.  I had gift bags for each kid with summer fun stuff: sun glasses, slime hands, slimy frogs, clapper hands, bubbles, side walk chalk, a small squirt gun, crayons & markers.  I also made little coloring books with summer activities on the inside.

For the treat table I made chocolate covered marshmallows, cupcakes and bought cookies, gummy worms, butterflies & bears.  My sister made buck eye balls which are my new favorite treat.  We ate BBQ'd hamburgers & hot dogs.  Greg borrowed the huge grill from work and was able to cook all the hamburgers and hot dogs at once.  It was awesome.  We made our delicious potato salad from Greg's mom's recipe and it is always a favorite.  I found these really cute baskets at Big Lots that we ate our food in.  Sorry I didn't grab any pictures of the food & cute baskets I was a too busy.

For activities the kids all jumped on our trampoline and I had a huge tub of crayons & side walk chalk for coloring.  I also got a bunch of cookie cutters to play with the play dough.
 Jaelee waiting for everyone to get here.

My mom and brothers were able to drive up from Utah which was really great and the twins loved seeing them.  My grandparents and my two best friends with their kids were also able to make it.  The twins got so many presents it was a little much.
 After their party was over we went swimming with Amy & her family at their hotel.  It is always a lot of fun to go swimming with them and the twins LOVE the water.
I think it was a great party & day.  Thank you to everyone that came to celebrate with us.  I'll say it again I can't believe my little babies are all ready THREE!

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