Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Fair & Blue Ribbons

We went to the Western Idaho Fair this year and had a lot of fun. I had entered in 3 photos like I have for the last 3 years and I got 2 first places and a 4th place for my pictures. I got 1st place ribbons and $15 dollar prize money each for these photos:

And I got the 4th place ribbon and $5 dollar prize money for this picture:
It's a lot of fun to see my photos there and it's really cool to win first place ribbons.  It was exciting to walk up and see my picture with a blue ribbon hanging from it and turn the corner and see another one of my pictures with another blue ribbon.  Even if I didn't win ribbons I think it's fun to just go to the fair and look at the photos.

This year we decided to eat before we went to the fair because last year we thought it was too expensive and not that good.  Jaelee had to bring her baby with us, so I grabbed a few pictures of her carrying her baby around in the parking lot.
As we entered the fair a nice man gave us the rest of their ride tickets and walked away, then his little boy about 10ish came back over and offered this cute little horse he had won at the games.  It was so sweet and an excellent way to start the fair. We then headed to the fair to go see my photos.  I didn't get to spend a lot of time looking at all the photos because the kids were antsy to go see other things.  After the photos we headed over to the animals to see the rabbits and chickens.  The kids really liked the baby chics.  There were a whole bunch behind glass and there were so many of them.  After the little animals we went and looked at the cows, horses & pigs.
After looking at all the animals we went to the rides to see if the twins were tall enough yet to ride some.  This year they finally were.  We decided to put them on a little train ride.  Jaelee hopped right in and started to buckle herself in.  Jayse had a screaming fit and didn't want to ride it by himself.  Greg reluctantly rode the ride with him.
After one ride we were all so hot we decided to go get an icee.  We chose blue and all ended up with blue mouths and tongues.
We walked around and found another ride the twins could go on.  Jayse was ok with going on this ride without his dad.  He rode in the same boat as Jaelee behind her.  They liked it so much that they rode it a second time and Jayse got his own boat.
After rides, which by the way are expensive.  Each ride was 3 tickets per kid and each ticket costs $1.  Maybe we are just cheap but I thought it was expensive to have to pay $6 each time the kids rode a ride.   Anyway after the rides we headed to the petting zoo.  This is always one of Jayse's favorite spots.  He likes to feed the goats and even pet them.  It takes Jaelee a minute to want to feed them but then she likes it too but only if the animals are fairly small.  She does not like the big ones.  We fed the goats a lot.
We let the kids play a game where they got to scoop up a duck with a net. At the bottom it had what size prize they got.  It was $5 bucks for one turn so we only did one turn.  Since Jaelee got a horse when we entered we let Jayse have the prize and he got a little blue mouse.

On the way home they were being pretty silly in the car.
 We had a good time at the fair this year and look forward to a good time again next year.

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  1. Congratulations on the ribbons! They are great pictures. You are so talented. I miss the fair. The one here sucks. I always remember going to the fair the first week of school. My parents still try to go...and they love to look at the photos. What a great time!