Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Camping with Friends

We were able to go camping with a bunch of Greg's friends and their kids at CJ Strike. Our camping spot wasn't the best and the water was really green and gross but one of his friends in-laws came down to the lake with their pontoon boat. We got to go out for a ride in the water, fish & go swimming.  The twins jumped into the water from the boat with life jackets on into Greg's arms.  They wouldn't let go of him once they got in the water but they did pretty good just jumping to him.

We fished from the dock and played in the dirt. We had some good BBQ and made smores when it got dark.  When the fire was going Jayse was playing with sticks in it and Jaelee was hiding in the camper because she hates fire, she did make an appearance out by the fire when we started smores though.  She is fine with it until it POPS and she is covering her hears and out of there.  Later all the kids got together in our camper and watched Tangled.

I went to bed and Greg stayed up with his friends and talking and fishing.  It was a pretty fun time.

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