Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sand & Water

Several weekends ago Greg and I took the kids to Eagle Island.  It was super hot and we didn't want to spend the day inside so we decided we better be by or in water.  We went to Eagle Island and I hadn't been there since I was a kid.  We found a spot to put our stuff in the grass near the sand & water.

The kids immediately ran to the sand with their shovels and buckets.  They played in the sand while we set up our spot and then we all headed to enjoy the water.  The twins arm floaties were at the sitters and we didn't think to stop by and get them so we just watched them like hawks while they were in the water.  We played in the water, made a sad looking sand castle and had a nice BBQ with hamburgers, hot dogs, doritos & potato salad.  It was a lot of fun and definitely something we will do again.

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