Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What we did while the kids were away

With the twins gone for 2 weeks Greg and I got to do a lot of stuff together.  We went out to dinner at  Cafe O'le, went shopping and bought the twins books, ate godiva cheese cake at the Cheese Cake Factory, went to a bar and grill and had a few drinks, watched movies, went to the horse races (Greg won the money we spent back - woo hoo Greg!), hung out with friends, floated the creek and enjoyed some time together in a quiet house.  It was great but was a little long with out the twins.  I really started to miss them after the first week.  Greg on the other hand loved it and decided we needed to make it a summer tradition.  Thanks again to my mom for taking the twins and letting us have our time together.  And I couldn't post without some pictures so here they are:

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