Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day of Babysitter

With my sister moving to Florida we had to find a babysitter for the kids during the day.  We were lucky enough to find a stay at home mom just a couple miles from our house to watch the kids.  She charges us half of what day care would and she does an excellent job and has been doing this for 10+ years.  The twins first week was the week of July 11th they went there while my sister was still here.  That way if there was a problem she could go get them.

The first day they were so excited they had their little back packs full of their favorite toys.  I was so nervous about dropping them off but they didn't seem to care I was leaving at all.  When I picked them up that day she said everything went perfect and we haven't had any problems since then.  Jaeele is just excited every morning that she gets to go somewhere.  I didn't get many pictures of them on their first day because I was nervous and we were running around getting things ready but here are a couple I did get.

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