Sunday, September 12, 2010

Labor Day Weekend - Thursday

We have started to make it a tradition that we go to the Oregon Coast and visit Greg's family over labor day weekend. This year we left Wednesday after Greg and I got off work.  We thought by leaving at night the twins would sleep the whole way but they instead decided to stay awake almost the whole time.  We made quit a few stops for them and our dog Bo and didn't arrive until 4 in the morning.

We went to sleep right away.  We spent much of the earlier part of the day sleeping and hanging out.  In the afternoon we managed to make it to the ocean and play in the sand and water. The twins loved the water and went straight into it.  Greg had to run in and get them because a wave came up and soaked them.  Jaelee liked to play in the water with Jenelle and Jayse liked the sand better.  It was really windy and we stayed for a while until the twins were freezing.
That night we went back to the beach to go crabbing off the dock.  It was a lot of fun.  We had a big fire with smores and caught lots of crab.  Jaelee fell asleep on me which never happens and I was in total heaven snuggling with my little girl.  Braydon even fell asleep sitting in a chair.  Scott came later with his boys and I think we stayed out there until like 2 am.
That wraps up the first day.  We had so much fun while we were in Oregon and I took 600 photos so I narrowed the pictures down to 100 or so to post so I am going to do a post for each day we were there.  Look for the others to follow.

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