Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Girls Trip Plus Jayden

My sister, Jaelee, Jayden & I drove up to Clarkston, WA to see my best friend. She just had her first baby on June 9th. Jayse stayed home with his dad and I charged the batteries in our old camera so they could also document what they did.  We left Friday when I got off work and drove up.  The drive up there is really pretty but it seemed longer than I remember.  We got there kinda late and only had a little time to see baby Ian before going to bed.  Ian is so precious and an adorable baby.

Saturday we hung out at Amy's and then headed to a park for her husbands family reunion.  Jaelee was so cute at the park.  She played well with all the kids and even by herself at times.  She hardly ever even looked around for me, little miss independent.

After the park we went back to Amy's and had a quick photo shoot.  I wasn't able to bring up all of my photo props so we improvised and used stuff around Amy's house.  The outside of her house is this great green color and I really liked it so that became the back drop in a lot of the photos.  I used one of her beige pillows & comforters in other photos.  Ian was such a good baby!  I could not believe it.  Definitely one of the easiest photo shoots I have ever had.
Can you believe I even got a smile?  Love this picture.
I bribed Jaelee with skittles to get pictures of her.
Ha for some reason I love this picture of her with her big eyes.
After our mini photo shoot we ate pizza and painted our toe nails.  Then Amy's mom came over and it was fun just talking and hanging out.  Later we started a movie but not a single one of us made it through it because we were so tired.

Sunday we had to leave early to get home for Greg to work.  I was sad to leave, it is always fun being with Amy and I just love her little guy.  We might have to make girls trips more often.  On our way home we stopped at this fruit store in the middle of no where.  There wasn't as much fruit as I thought there would be so we didn't get fruit but it was fun anyway to look around.  Everything was covered in a thick layer of dust.  We tried and eventually bought a couple of cowboy hats, some popcorn and a couple drinks.  I tried a huckleberry lemonade that is made in Idaho, it was pretty good.

 The crew made it back home.  All wearing our hats.

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