Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sparklers & Fireworks

This was the fist year since we've had our kids that we did sparklers and fire works. Don't really know why we haven't done it before, anyway I thought the twins would like the sparklers and I was halfway right.  Jayse liked them and Jaelee did not.  She ran and hid by the garage covering her ears.  It was cute to see Jayse play with them.  We also got some pop its.  Jayse liked those also.  He thought it was great throwing them at different things to make them pop with noise. 

Neither of them really liked the fireworks.  I got little ones that didn't make noise because I knew Jaelee doesn't like loud noises but even though they were pretty mild and not loud neither of them really liked them.  Jaelee screamed and ran in the house and Jayse just stood there and cried but didn't stop watching. 

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