Monday, January 23, 2012

Catch Up - Getting Our Christmas Tree

Wow I am behind on blogging.  The time has just flown by since the first of December.  I was looking forward to a slow down at work in December like it usually does but that didn't happen and it just seemed like we have been so busy.  I'm going to catch up and start with getting our Christmas tree.

We got our Christmas tree after we took our family pictures.  We went to the same place we did last year because you can't beat $25 for a real tree.  This year the tree guy remembered us and threw in a free wreath.  It was freezing and really windy so we picked our tree really fast and then Jaelee and I got back in the jeep and waited while the guys put the tree on top.

We came home and put it up.  Greg put the lights on and I waited until the kids were asleep to put the rest of the decorations on it.  I think they are still just a little bit to little to help with most of it so I just wait until they are asleep.  They have pretty cute looks on their faces when they wake up in the morning and see the tree all decorated.

Here are a few pictures of our tree adventures:

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