Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Doll House

My mom drove up here several days before Christmas to get my brother. Since we were going to Greg's parents for Christmas we had a little Christmas with her while she was here. We opened all our presents from my mom. She had been working on "remodeling" this doll house she got at a thrift store for Jaelee and this thing is huge! The twins loved it. Jaelee is usually into something for 5 minutes and moving on to the next thing but she played with the dolls in the doll house all night. Jaelee also got a cooking set and I happened to have a smaller box of brownies so we let her make us brownie muffins. After we opened all our gifts, made brownies and played for a while my mom read them The Night Before Christmas. Then I had to get a picture of my brother and induct him into our silly Christmas balls photos.  It was a great night!

 Whoops she cracked the egg on the table.

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