Monday, January 30, 2012

Silly Pictures & The Trip to See Santa

It all ready seems like this was so long ago.  I can't not put up a post about our trip to see Santa this year.  We had been talking with the kids quite a bit about Santa and how if they sat on his lap and told him what they wanted for Christmas he would bring it if they were really good.  They both actually seemed really excited to go see him.

We had a whole day planned of fun.  We were going to go to the mall to see Santa, go to dinner and eat and then go to the Botanical Gardens to see the lights.

We made sure we didn't go until after the kids had their naps.  While they were napping I was sitting on our floor working on some Christmas projects and I looked over at our tree and saw my face in a Christmas ball.  It was distorted and really funny so I told Greg to grab the camera and take my picture in the ball.  It was too funny so I had him put his face up the ball and I took his picture.  When the kids woke up we had to get one of them and of course a family picture as well.

After making some silly faces and playing around a bit more we got ready to go see Santa.
 LOL you can tell Jayse was really excited!

We headed to the mall all geared up to tell Santa what we wanted for Christmas.  We had to wait in line for a little while and the whole time they both seemed to be doing good.  We had them watch Santa and see all the kids that sat on his lap.  When it was our turn we had Jaelee go first just like last year.  She sat on Santa's lap.  She looked a little unsure but still sat there.  She told him that she wanted a doll house and a princess castle.  We had Jaelee stay on his lap while Greg brought Jayse over.  He was clinging onto Greg and didn't want to let go but Greg slowly moved away and he stood there really shy with hand over his mouth.  Santa asked him what he wanted and I yelled out Spider man toy and Jayse just shook his head.  I tried to get all their attention and right as a little girl was running into our picture snap I got one!  Jayse wasn't screaming and I just cropped out the girl.
If you don't remember what the previous years pictures look like take a look here: I would say this picture is a triumph. 

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