Monday, January 30, 2012

Lights at the Botanical Gardens

Greg got some tickets to visit the Botanical Garden light show for free.  Love when things we all ready want to do are free!  After seeing Santa we went to the food court in the mall and ate some diner.  Then we headed over to the Botanical Gardens.  The lights are really amazing and each year it's more fun to see the how much the kids enjoy it.  We stopped and got some cookies & hot chocolate and then walked through and looked at all the lights.

 They had a reindeer there and the kids thought it was really cool. 
 Each of them got to ring the bell.
Whoops had a nice gentlemen take our picture and we turned a little white.
 Jayse loved the train they had that went around in a circle in this section of the gardens.  We couldn't get him away from it.
 Another great year looking at the lights.

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