Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Random December Stuff

I have always loved the Holidays.  We always get a tree pretty early in December and decorate it but I have never gone full blown into decorating the house for Christmas like I do for Halloween.  I decided this year that since the kids are getting older I would make the house a little more Christmasee.  I brought in a palette from our garage to put the little tree cone advent Calender I made out of paper on.  If I can find the link for where I got the idea I'll post it later.  I also created a banner to go around our kitchen, used more pickle jars to create a lighted Happy Holidays sign and made a Merry Christmas sign to go between our media center.  It looked pretty festive.  Below are some pictures of our decor and random pictures of the kids.

 Our wonderful awesome sitter made these cute marshmallow snowmen with the kids.  It was fun watching them try to eat them.
Jaelee in her princess dress, headband and funky glasses.  And the last picture they asked me to take a picture and then posed like this together.  Love how well they are being trained..... 

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