Friday, July 20, 2012

First and Probably the Last Yard Sale, New Beds & Boat

In June we had our first yard sale, I chose to have it the same weekend a subdivision next to ours was having one, hoping we could profit from their advertising and traffic.  For a couple weeks we had been going through everything in our house getting ride of all the kids baby stuff, clothes that were too small, and anything else we could live without.

The day before our yard sale the weather predicted rain but I didn't care I had been planning this for weeks and I thought it would be a light sprinkle.  When we got up that morning it was pouring.  I had Greg go to Lowe's and buy a tarp (which already put us in the black for this stupid yard sale) to put out from our garage to cover everything.  Before we even had the tarp up and everything pulled out people were waiting outside our house!

Greg got the tarp up and we got everything out.  After the people went through everything and didn't buy anything it slowed.  The rain put a huge damper on people coming out to yard sale.  We managed to get rid of a few things though. While the yard sale was going on Greg had 2 people come and ask him about his Toyota that was in the garage (by the way it's been broken and in the garage for 3 years).  One guy wanted it if the engine was good and the other guy offered to take the truck as is, in trade for a boat he had.  Greg told the second guy he would think about it.
Sunday the sun came out so we continued the horrible yard sale.  We had a few more people come and buy some of our stuff and some of the big items that weren't selling I posted on craigslist and sold.  In the end we ended up making $150ish dollars.  And spent a few because a friend from work brought some stuff to sale and we ended up buying her cast iron, tv & outdoor gazebo thing, LOL.  I was hoping to sell more stuff but we ended up donating a large majority of it.
By Sunday Greg had decided to trade the Toyota for the boat.  We went and took a look at it and it was an older hunting/fishing boat - exactly what Greg wanted.
(Jaelee went and got her and Jayse's 'safe jackets' as she calls them to wear while we checked out our new to us boat)

We had sold the kids' toddler beds so we had to get them new ones.  We decided it was time to put them in their own rooms.  We already had beds but had to get bedding.  Jayse has bunk beds with spiderman bedding and Jaelee has my old queen size bed with pink and princess bedding.  It has actually been really easy transitioning them to big beds and their own rooms.  They go to bed so much easier now because they don't sit in their room and talk or play with each other.  I feel like it's another one of those big moments just letting me know how fast they are growing up.

(First night in their big kids beds.  Their rooms still need some work.  I am excited about getting to decorate a girls and a boys room, instead of trying to make it work for both a boy and a girl.)

Even though the yard sale was a lot of work and we didn't sale as much as I had hoped we still ended up with the kids in their own rooms, a new to us boat, and a lot more garage & closet space.


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