Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fourth of July

Wow I'm almost caught up on my blogging!

Since Greg and I were flying out of SLC for our Alaska trip on the 5th we decided to drive down to my moms on the 3rd so we could spend the Fourth of July with her and not be driving on that day.  I was a little sad to miss Melba's celebration, I have been going there for a LONG time and it is pretty awesome but it's nice to be with my family.

My mom made us a delicious breakfast and then we hung around until the parade started at noon.  There were a lot of people at the parade but we found a spot and watched the parade.  It was pretty good.  The kids got lots of candy and otter pops, I thought that was a great thing to hand out to keep the kids cool.  Jaelee didn't like the loud sirens and noises but other than that I think they really liked it.
After the parade Greg and I took advantage of my mom wanting time with the kids and we went and had lunch at a Chic-fil-a, man they need one here!  When we got back we wanted something else to do but it was super hot out so we decided to take the kids to see the movie Brave.  I thought it was really good but both the kids during the movie said they didn't like it.  There was a bear in the movie that I think scared them.

When we got back to my moms we headed to the park to see the fireworks.  We parked a little ways away because traffic was crazy and had to walk a bit to get to the park.  We got there right as it was getting dark so there was not much space left for sitting.  We found a little spot of grass on the edge of the park and watched the fireworks.  They were pretty good but definitely not as good as Melba's, pretty hard to beat them.  Jaelee again hated the noise of the fireworks but watched them and Jayse didn't seem to care at all about them.  He drove a little car he had around the grass and sidewalk. 

When we got back to my moms we did some sparklers and fireworks of our own.

It was fun and a great way to spend the day with the kids before we left for a week.

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