Monday, July 23, 2012

Jaelee the Ballerina

I was so excited for Jaelee to start her little dance class.  She was really excited too, for days she would ask if she got to go to class yet.  We had all of her stuff ready, got the ballet shoes, tape shoes, leotard, tights and skirt.

One of my best friend's little girl, Mia, is also starting dance class, so it is really fun to see both of them.  Jaelee did really well the first little bit of class, listening to the teacher and following direction but then true to her nature she got a little distracted/bored.  She started to do her own thing and dance around in circles or run up and down and was not following any direction.  I also had forgot to put ties in her tap shoes so they were just falling off and she didn't like that at all and wanted to go back to her ballet shoes.

At the end of it she was really excited about it and continues to really like it.

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