Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Softball's & Drive In's

Greg is playing softball again this year and on a team with his work.  It's fun to watch him play.  He did really well this season getting several home runs, some how I missed everyone of them.  Oh well, just means he has to do a few more so I can see them :).  The kids of course just run around and play the whole time, which is probably why I miss the home runs because I am keeping an eye on them.

After one of his games we went to a drive-in movie.  We were all drive-in movie virgins so I was super excited.  We got to see the Lorax, which was a cute movie.  The drive-in was perfect for the kids because they could move around and we could bring our own food.  It was awesome! The only down fall was seeing the movie so late, by the time the second movie started we were tired and headed home. 

Anyway here are a few pictures of the fun.

The drive in:
It was stormy while we watched the movie with lightning and thunder but it didn't rain on us, we just got to watch the pretty lightning show in the background of our movie.

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