Friday, September 14, 2012

Alaska Day 4 Denali to Seward

On day 4 we headed from Denali to a fishing town on the coast called Seward.  It was a pretty long drive and we were in the car for most of the time.  The ride there was beautiful it was so green everywhere and we got to drive along the ocean for some of the drive.  We did make one stop at a McKinley look out but still didn't really get to see it as it was really cloudy out.

 (Hunter trying to get some sleep in the car)

 (Mt. McKinley in the distance)
 (My Aunt and Uncle)
 (Greg and I, I was wearing a hat so I'm rocking a lovely flat hair do)
We didn't make too many stops just drove with the petal to the metal to get to our destination.  When we got to Seward I feel in love right away.  It was such a cute little fishing town.  It reminded me a little bit of the Oregon coast.  When we got there we went and to a grocery store and grabbed a few things, went and had dinner at a Greek restaurant that was delicious and headed in for the night. 
(Coming into Seward)

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