Friday, September 21, 2012

Arrow Rock - Lake Fun

We spent a lot of time at the lakes this summer.  Because we got the new to us boat it allowed us to go places we couldn't before.  It was so fun.  We went out to Arrow Rock, past Lucky Peak to find a spot to fish and hang out for the day.

We found this place that looked awesome, there was a bank with sand, grass up higher and plenty of room for the kids and dog to run around.  We headed to the spot and when we got close to the shore, Greg, Jayse and Bo jumped out and found out that the sand was a sinking mess.  You couldn't even stand in it.  They were covered in mud in no time.  They hurried and jumped back in a boat and we were back out trying to find the perfect spot.
We found a little island that had some sand and looked like a fun place to hang out for the day.  As we got to the shore Greg jumped out and tested the ground.  It seemed ok so we all got out and unpacked.  We found out that if you stepped in certain places you ended up in mud up to your waist, so we tread lightly.  We brought our outdoor shade gazebo, we planned on being there all day and wanted to make sure we had some shade and cover if the sun got to be too much.  We also brought our little grill and a cooler full of food.
(He has gotten so much better in the water, putting his face in it and swimming around.  He was getting so brave in the water he would swim pretty far out.  Far enough that when I went out there with him I couldn't even touch.)
 (One of the sinking mud spots, you would literally step in one of these and sink up to your thighs)

(Uh Oh while we were all over in the corner fishing some wind came up and blew our shade tent into the water, it was so fun trying to get it out.  I kept falling into the sinking mud but we did get it out and packed it up.)
 (Look even I caught a fish)
It was a lot of fun just swimming, fishing, eating and relaxing.  We caught a few fish, none that we could keep but it was good practice, LOL. 

We have been very lucky this summer to do so much and I have loved every minute of it.

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