Friday, September 14, 2012

Alaska Day 5 - Seward Wildlife

For our first day in Seward all went and ate breakfast together.  We found this place called Nellie’s Roadhouse.  It was a small diner with great food and atmosphere. 
After breakfast we headed down by the bay to get the guys booked for their fishing trip the next day and to see what activities there were that we could do that day.  While the guys were getting their trip ready and fishing licenses we looked around this large store we were in.  It had a little bit of everything – fishing gear, boating gear, clothes, toys, dollar store items and many other things.  When the guys were ready we decided to go on a short cruise to see wildlife.
We were already by the bay so we just hung around the docks while we waited.  
The boat was pretty large and there weren’t too many people so we had plenty of room to move around and spread out.  It was pretty cold so I am so glad my Uncle Mike let me borrow his rain jacket.  I would have froze! 
(Getting a few pictures while we wait for the boat to leave the dock)
While we were waiting for the boat to leave we heard a group of people with binoculars saying they could see some mountain sheep.  I took a picture with my camera but they were so far away all you could see was white specs.   
(Can you find the white specs?)
The view from the boat was beautiful.  We were on top of the cabin, it was so cold but worth it for the views you got out there.  The mountains were so green and tall with snow on the tops. 
While we were heading out further into the ocean I looked ahead of us and saw these 2 mountains that looked so blue because of the way the sun was.   I thought it turned out to be a pretty picture.  We saw this island that had these dead trees and the captain explained that it was a made because of an tsunami that they had several years ago.  The salt water from the ocean had basically killed and preserved the trees.  As we got further out we saw a couple bald eagles in trees, sea lions sun bathing on rocks and puffin flying on the water.  While on the boat I talked with a guy who had the largest lens on a camera I think I have ever seen in person, it was so long!  I talked with him for a bit and found out that he and his wife just do a lot of traveling and take pictures as a hobby.  He showed me several pictures of bald eagles he had taken and he could zoom in right on their heads, it was so cool.  You could say I had camera envy.
When we were headed back we saw dolphin following the boat. I tried to get a picture but they were gone so fast all I got was a splash.  When we were pretty close to the bay the captain started circling an area because he had been told a whale was out there.  We found him and saw him blow and splash a few times.  I also tried to get a picture of it but I only got a small image of a fin.
It was a great way to spend our first day in Seward. 

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