Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hogle Zoo

We got back from Alaska on Thursday, Greg and I took off Friday because we didn't want to have to try and rush home to go back to work for one day before the weekend.  We stayed at my mom's house Thursday night.

Friday I thought it would be fun to do something with the kids in Utah.  There are a lot of things you can do in Salt Lake and since we were there we might as well take advantage of it.  We decided to go to the Salt Lake City Hogle Zoo.  Their zoo is much larger than the one we have in Boise and I thought the kids would have fun. On our way to the zoo we decided to have lunch at a Wienerschnitzel - it's a red and yellow A-frame drive thru that mainly serves hotdogs.  Greg had never been to one and I thought he would like it.  He got a couple of hot dogs with all the fixing, I got a foot long and the kids got corn dogs.  Greg thought it was alright, he said he prefers his hotdogs on the grill but now he can say he ate at Wienerschnitzels.
After lunch we headed to the zoo.  It was fun walking around with the kids and seeing all the animals.  They had a show at the sea lion exhibit that we stopped and watched, it was really interesting seeing how smart they were.  The kids really liked the elephants - they don't have those at the Boise zoo.  After we made our trip around the zoo we took the short train ride and by that time the zoo was closing so we headed back to my moms.
(Blue tongues from our snow cones)
My mom's neighborhood was having a BBQ so when we got back from the zoo we headed over to the BBQ.  They had some blow up toys for the kids to play on and some really good food.  It had started to rain but that didn't stop all the kids from playing on the toys.  J & J was soaked and freezing so we headed back to my moms.  On the walk back Greg took off his shirt for Jaelee to wear because she was so cold.  She thought it was fun running around in daddy's shirt.
We stayed at my mom's house Friday night and then headed home Saturday.  It was a fun little vacation after our vacation :).
 (Once Jayse got up he didn't want to slide down, so Greg had to go up and push him down)

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