Monday, September 17, 2012

Alaska Day 6 - The Great Fishing Day

Tuesday the guys had planned for their fishing trip, they got up really early to head out fishing.  The girls got to sleep in, it was nice!  Once we all got up and got ready we headed out to do some tourist things - like shopping.  There were a lot of cute little shops to go in.  We started at one end of Seward and finished at the other.  I found some cute books for the kids and a few other things for myself :).
(This is the only picture I took of our shopping day, I thought it was cute.)

We had lunch in a cute little sandwich shop, where I got a sandwich with macaroni and cheese on it. We were all speculating on how much fish the guys were catching and how much fun they must be having.  After lunch we thought getting pedicures would be fun but they only had one person that did them in this small town and they weren't in, so it was back to shopping.  My grandma was a little tired of all the walking so she headed back to her room.  After a bit more shopping we all headed back to our rooms to wait for the guys to get back.

Greg called me while they got back and told me that fishing was really fun and he caught the biggest fish on the boat!  It turned out though that almost everyone on the boat got sea sick.  Greg and my brother were the only ones not sick.  Hunter caught these red rock fish that were really creepy looking.  My grandpa caught one salmon and they cut it up and used it for bait, LOL.  It was so sad to hear that most of them were sick since they were all so excited for the fishing trip.  In the end they caught 75 lbs of fish. Greg got a few pictures of my brother while fishing and a few pictures of all the fish.

 (These are the red rock fish my brother caught.  Apparently as a defense mechanism their stomach comes out of their body, I guess to make it look like they are dead.  Greg said when my brother was reeling it in it looked so gross.)
We ate at the Greek restaurant that we had ate at the first night again.  It was really good.  This calzone my brother got was HUGE!

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