Friday, September 21, 2012

July Phone Photo Dump

Woo hoo after this post I will be all caught up with our July adventures.

I take quit a few photos on my phone.  It is smaller and therefore a lot easier to carry around.  So here is my phone photo dump from July.
(Jaelee had to go get her rain gear to wear underneath the sprinkler. I thought that was cute)
 (Jayse got a ninja turtle from Shae at the sitters and Jaelee got a luau necklace)
 (The kids playing in the water and eating their lunch on the swing set)
 (LOL Greg is going to kill me for posting this, we went to the lake and he was trying to tan his white legs.  Also we saw this perch with a hawk and a bald eagle on it, I thought that was pretty cool)
 (Greg and I at the lake)
 (A bracelet I made for Jaelee to go with her favorite blue dress)
(We went to Pauls to get a few things and they had these cute little kids carts.  The kids LOVED them until Jayse hit Jaelee with his.  I thought they looked adorable strolling around with the carts)
  (Jaelee in her dance class of the summer session.)
(While I was doing my makeup, Jaelee wanted some on too, so I put some on her.)
 (These 2 pictures were taken with my better camera, I couldn't resit just taking a few of her all glammed up.)

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