Friday, September 21, 2012

Jaelee's Room Makeover & Princess Pictures

Now that the kids were in their own rooms I was really excited to start decorating them.  I started with Jaelee's room because she wanted a pink princess room and I thought that would be really easy and fun.
I made her a headboard out of different shades of pink tulle and tied them around a wood piece of trim that I just nailed to the wall.  Then I put a pink piece of ribbon over the tulle and trim.
After I had the headboard done I decided to take some pictures of Jaelee in her favorite dress.  She wants to wear this blue dress all the time.  She calls it her Cinderella dress.  I put a tiara on her and some wings so she would be dressed for the theme of her room.  I took her outside and used her sheet as my backdrop and grabbed a few pictures.  It was so hot outside we only took a few but we got some really great ones.  I had one of the photos printed poster size and 2 others printed half that size for her room.
I made a chandelier light for her room, I got the idea from pinterest but instead of using the wax I used the paint chips from Lowe's in different shades of pink.  I love the way it turned out but I would either spray paint the back of each of the circles white or get enough to make double and put a circle on the front the back of my yarn.  When it's hanging if one of the circles flips over you can see a bar code and text from the back of the paint chip.  I took pictures of my step by step for the chandilier light, I thought I would write a tutorial on how I did it but I am so far behind on blogging so I'm just going to post the pictures. 

I hung up a few butterflies and some wings added a shelf with some more photos and painted a princess fairy on canvas.  The room is pretty much done.  There are a few things I'd like to do but I'm happy with how it looks and so is Jaelee.

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